Loco Rio meets every Wednesday, year-round, for a run at 6:30pm.  They meet at Francis L. Abreu Park inside the Rio Vista neighborhood. The 6:30pm evening run is a free for all paces and adult ages. The best way to fit in is to show up. They meet rain or shine, hot or cold, – they run.  One of many motto’s by their founder is simple, “We never cancel”, so you never should wander if the Loco’s are running on Wednesday’s. Loco Rio is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. There’s many different opportunities to get involved in with your time. Each week there is a unique and custom 2-6-mile route. They have four 13-week running series per year that always ends with their flagship run…The Loco Rio. This is an 8-mile run that takes you on a journey you’ll be sure to tell your friends about. Links to their routes Season 2- Running Series 5 our posted on social media. Please review their Facebook page Loco Rio for all routes and weekly updates.  All paces welcome, with pace groups ranging from 7:30 minutes to 10:00 minute miles.  If you’re slower than that, they welcome you, just make sure you bring a friend or download the route to ensure your safety.  Friendly Dogs and babies are welcome.  Here’s some more information to help you get your Run on…

  1. Monday – Wednesday – Check their blog, social media for any updates and changes, and make sure you know the route for that week. Download the Rungoapp to your smartphone or print out the route if you think you might get lost.
  2. Parking is free. Be respectful. They meet in a neighborhood. Please do not park on anyone’s grass or block anyone’s drive.
  3. Most of the runners arrive around 6:20-6:30. If they have a vendor then perhaps a little earlier.
  4. At 6:30 pm any current announcements will take place and depending on the founding members schedule that week will determine what time the group leaves out. The group will leave no later than 6:40. So best to be on time if you want run with the Loco’s.
  5. Safety is a priority to the group. Since these are runs not races. They encourage you to run on sidewalks and avoid the streets as much as possible. Please be vigilant and do not expect oncoming cars to stop for you. Do not cross intersections without stopping first. Never assume that cars are going to give you the right a way. We ask that you help your fellow runner in need. If at any time someone is injured or in need of medical attention, please stop and assist. If you have your phone contact 911.