Our Approach

We’re Loco.  We’re Rio. We’re Different. Join us on a wednesday night and you’ll see why. We have four, 13 week running series per year. We challenge people to push themselves weekly, with the goal of accomplishing our flagship 8 mile course on the 13th week of each series.  Our mission is to enhance the South Florida running community by achieving a healthier, stronger, properly informed network of runners. We strive to make our runs accessible, fun, and challenging.

Our Story

Our founder and Organizer Josh Long and his family relocated to South Florida to promote his families watermelon juice. They started out on the west coast in 2014 and shortly thereafter relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It was then where he and wife fell in love with the Rio Vista Neighborhood.  They gave birth to their first child in Ft. Lauderdale and began to meet a lot of like-minded people in the community.  So they decided to plant some roots in the sand and call Florida home. With that in mind Josh- who is an avid runner, decided that the community was ready for another running group. So in March of 2016 Loco Rio was born.  A neighborhood running series that highlights different routes with different mileage throughout downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

Meet a few Loco’s

Our group was founded by those who live and reside in the Rio Vista Community. It’s our mission to be good neighbors, build a healthier, fitter, stronger, network of runners.  So, a Loco Rio is everyone. If you run with us your Loco.

Josh Long


Josh has been running since 2012. He grew up in Athletics and only ran for discipline and training. In Josh’s early years he never really cared for Running. In fact, didn’t see a huge value in it. In November 2011, Josh celebrated the loss of his older brother 14 years prior. It was somewhere in that moment and after witnessing an Ironman competition on TV that awakened him to want more from his lifestyle. Josh wasn’t in the best physical fitness in his life either. So, he challenged himself to run a Full Marathon in May of 2012 on his older brothers Birthday. The rest as they say is… In November of that same year Josh began his inaugural run for “Sweet Neon” to honor the passing of his brother Jimmy on approrximately the day of his passing. He celebrated his 5th Honor for “Sweet Neon Run” this year and has now completed 5 full Marathons, countless half’s and will be challenging himself to his first 50 miler Ultra in the Fall of 2017.

Phil Micione

Vice President

Justin Miller